How Rental Dumpsters Meet America’s Garbage Crisis

Our world is in constant change. Everything is evolving into better ideas to meet an overpopulated planet. Years ago everything was homemade. Nothing went to waste. There was no such thing as piles of garbage. Our high technology has catapulted us into a disposable society. Most of the products we use today are disposable products. Nowadays, it is very common to use dumpster rental phoenix.

dumpsterA few examples are fast food takeout containers, plastic bags, plastic bottles of all sizes, shapes, and purposes, disposable baby diapers vs cloth diapers and much more. What does one do with these empty, useless containers, but to throw them in the garbage, to be picked up weekly by a service and transported to a landfill?

Here, workers bury the mess and cover it with the earth. When the site fills up and cannot hold any more waste, workers move the landfill to a different place. This system is found costly, ineffective, and hard on the environment.

Recycling came about many years ago and did not catch the public’s attention until several years ago when programs and initiatives started to gain momentum.

Most of the garbage crisis is in the form of recyclable materials such as, but not limited to, glass, plastics, aluminum, paper, and metal. Why any person would think that it is better just to toss these recyclables in a landfill heap is beyond understanding. And, this process costs more money. There are no justifications for not taking an effort to join forces with a dumpster rental company, as the benefits far outweigh the alternative.

The garbage crisis in America is remedied by one person at a time taking the initiative to do things right. The foundation of recycling waste is that people use products and recycle the product then offer the used product to those who remanufacture new products to be used again. These products come from the same material as before. Thus, the product is being used to its fullest potential, eliminating the need for more of earth’s raw resources to do the very same thing after the recycling process, for less money, time, and effort.

As an example, when aluminum and plastic bottles and cans recycle, the process uses over 90% less energy than using raw materials. The more people that recycle, the more jobs are available, the more raw materials saved, and all for a fraction of the price. Plastic container takes an enormous amount of energy for a product from raw materials. However, when plastic recycles it takes a fraction of the time and a whole lot less energy to produce the same product.

Our world is seeing a garbage crisis just of aluminum beverage cans and bottles people use everyday and trash. Once people start to recycle just one of these millions of cans and bottles this action offers tremendous savings in energy to homes and businesses. When a person empties a beverage container, they need to hold onto that one item until they find a recycle dumpster.

DumpstersWe frequently hear that we need to go paperless. Technology has made this possible through our communication systems. The paper products we use are overrunning our planet. Many paper products are biodegradable, meaning that they can safely reenter the environment and disintegrate. Recycling paper means saving thousands of trees, eliminating the cost of energy to produce paper from the wood, and decreasing the water, and oil consumption put into raw products to produce first generation paper products.

Homes and businesses across America set up, individualized recycle bins. An individual commitment of everyone is helping to meet our pressing garbage crisis, one person at a time. Never think that one person does not matter in contributing to eliminate America’s garbage crisis through recycling and composting made possible by offering rental dumpsters, they are sadly mistaken.